Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Another Naevus Global Board Meeting just finished.
I am currently doing a term as President of Naevus Global.
I am always left in wonder at just how small our world really is. It was still well in the dark side of Thursday Morning for me and so far into Wednesday night that it was almost Thursday for others and still afternoon Wednesday for others. We are scattered all over the globe and yet we are able to meet, face to face, and talk in real time. We all face the same challenges and have the same hopes for our own families and the CMN communities we look after.
I recall how very alone I felt in the early days after Danielle was born and yet now we have this amazing worldwide network of people who not only understand us but who, like us want to make a difference for those who follow.
These people have become a special kind of family.
What a wonderful way to start the day! ( now can I go back to bed?).

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